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  1. Greetings from London, I guess i’m A kindred spirit for as well as finding Simon Marsdens work inspiring, I too take photos of cemeteries, castles, ruins etc. If you’re on Instagram then you’ll find me under the name of dark_britannia. Kindest Regards CS

  2. She used to have a website where you could order her books. For a little extra she would do a personal autograph. For my anniversary my husband bought me one as a gift. It was written out to him and has greasy cookie crumbs in it. Signed by Ingrid Pitt and one the best gifts ever. She passed away not long after.

  3. Excellent piece. You missed another tomb in the Drogheda area though. It is at Beaulieu (pronounced Byoo-lee). Maybe you can photograph it on your next trip.

    Drogheda town and Beaulieu are in County Louth, not Drogheda (where Stamullen is). I suppose the important point is that all three tombs are within a few km of Drogheda. I wonder if there were ever any more.

  4. Hi Amanda Norman.
    I love your print of Gothic Whitby Abbey. How can I purchase it?