Rievaulx Abbey

Rievaulx Abbey

Rievaulx Abbey with the early morning mist surrounding it, is simply magical. Obviously, my creative senses were tingling with inspiration and I couldn’t wait to start photographing it. Moreover, these question were constantly in my mind.

What if anything, hides among these dark shadows?

What stories do these ruins hold and more importantly, what ghosts are present right now?

Gothic looking Rievaulx Abbey
The ruins of Rievaulx Abbey in Yorkshire

This was once known as the most important Cistercian abbey in England until Henry VIII destroyed it in 1538.

Is Rievaulx Abbey Haunted?

When I was visiting the abbey, I did feel like I was being transported back to a very peaceful time. I will also admit to a feeling of someone watching me. Mind you, this could have been a villager as there are lovely cottages surrounding the ruins.

I’m referencing XYUandbeyond.com for their information on hauntings. You will definitely enjoy reading their article and hopefully you too will be inspired to visit.

  • People commonly report hearing the sounds of a heavenly choir
  • Also the sound of a bell ringing can be heard, although there has been no bell in over 400 years
  • Chanting sounds from monks fill the air at dusk
  • Again at dusk, a ghost of a monk is often seen. Don’t most places have apparitions of ghostly monks?
  • Visitors have feelings of overwhelming sadness
Ghostly happenings surround these ruins
Ghostly happenings surround these ruins

Rievaulx Abbey stands very tall and when I took these photographs, I wanted viewers to feel the imposing power and importance that the abbey once held. At the time of our visit, I did not feel that the place was safe. Was I sensing the negative energy of its destruction?

I find it very therapeutic creating atmospheric images. Being creative is my form of therapy. I am 100% present in the moment when using my senses to create my work. My object is to provoke an array of emotions such as fear, dread, and peace. There also has to be an element of mystery and abandonment, where echoes of the past hauntingly remain.

The ruins standing tall in the Yorkshire countryside
Gothic horror ruins

Finally, I read that one Rievaulx abbot described his surroundings as ‘everywhere peace, everywhere serenity‘ and this is most certainly true.

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