Life Comes Full Circle

Amanda Norman and her love of the dark side

About Amanda Norman

Amanda Norman is much more than a Gothic horror photographer. She’s a tarot reader, Reiki Master, hypnotherapist and above all, she loves the dark side of life.

Meet Amanda Norman

I have been around long enough now to know the importance of shadow work. Moreover, I understand the consequences of not going inward to find your light. So, if you are wondering what I’m talking about, allow me to explain.

Think of your subconscious as one big shadow that remains in darkness, unless of course, you tap into it. Tapping into it can be achieved a number of ways and my favourite tools include: –

Your subconscious contains your life experiences, feelings, and every day instructions that clearly, we take for granted. Sometimes, our feelings maybe distorted or supressed however, they do inform our everyday decision making.

In addition, your conscious mind is your here and now. Your light!

When making decisions especially those that invoke an element of fear, we need to determine if our thoughts are rational.

Firstly, information in any form can become distorted over time. Those situations you were facing as a child could be misunderstood. With trauma comes ill feeling and lots of us tend to suppress our feelings of pain. Unfortunately, this only festers away and rises up when we are triggered. As a result, we can find ourselves suffering repeating patterns of failure, or abuse. Subsequently, we are in the dark about our true feelings. This therefore, is clearly a time to be investigating the source of our fears or repeating patterns, by going inwards to find our light. I call this shadow work.

Shadow Work and Photography

Tarot is my self-therapy, but so too is my photography

Amanda Norman

Shadow work is an integral part of my self-care routine and I thoroughly enjoy reading my tarot to gain clarity. Indeed, I refer to it as ‘soul guidance‘. However, lately, examining my feelings when reviewing my photography is an unexpected and fascinating method of performing my shadow work. Thus, here we are together. Hopefully you are enjoying my Gothic Horror photography while I find my light.

Tell me more about Amanda Norman

To begin with, I was born in 1971 in a Lancashire city known as Lancaster and above all, I’ve never considered myself as normal. Without a doubt, I’ve always been drawn to objects and locations that commonly scare the majority of people. In addition, I’ve always understood how our spirit can leave our body. Thus, I enjoy being different. Also, I suppose that I will consider myself as a bit of a loner. Perhaps lately, I am growing to like Amanda Norman’s company since my breakdown in 2017.

For a long time now, I have hated being a ‘Norman‘ as it has absolutely no bearing on who I am. Simply put, my father is not the man who is named on my birth certificate. Also, he is the source of adult trauma and one that even now I will not forgive. Thankfully, my inner healing has helped me to detach from the negative emotions. This is a different chapter though, and I’m sure that this episode will surface when the time is right.

At this moment in time, I am enjoying my self-employed work as a holistic therapy. Of course, my own inner healing work has inspired me to assist others with their own journey.

As well as that, I run a small shop with my partner Mark in Liverpool’s, St John’s Market.

It is full of crystals and tarot cards hence the name, Gemstone and Tarot. In addition to the stock, I also provide services of tarot reading and Reiki, which I thoroughly enjoy. Furthermore, I am also specialising in hypnotherapy with a passion for conducting past life regression. Unfortunately, these services are not offered in the market due to it not being the right environment. Instead, I am offering these services from my therapy room in Liverpool.

Amanda Norman Photography

Secondly, I began my Gothic horror photography in 2004 following my return to my childhood haunt on a day out. Of course it was a graveyard!

Sadly, I had no photography skills and it showed. This was the beginning of my journey creating Gothic horror photography. I quickly began learning the difference between a snapshot, and an emotive image. Thus I remember feeling deflated that my images didn’t express my fondness for that special graveyard in Heysham. Exploring my Shadows of Heysham will explain my experience in more detail.

Over the years, people have tried telling me to change my genre of photography if I want to make a living out of it. I simply can’t do this as I find traditional photography mundane. 

Amanda Norman

Until recently, I was residing in the Georgian quarter of Liverpool and just by chance, one of my favourite cemeteries was situated at the bottom of my street. St James Cemetery is a mysterious place in a sunken sandstone quarry. Thus, the spooky atmosphere, especially at night is something to behold. Summer evenings there are magical for watching the bats fluttering around the trees with their tiny wings.

The Road to Recovery

In 2017, I was diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder and I almost ended up destroying my life.

Fortunately, this period of time was a wake up call for me. Since then, which is 6 years ago now as I write this, I have closed the door of my health and safety career. Without a doubt, following my calling and being my authentic-self is my current journey in life. I find it wonderfully fulfilling and right now, my calling is to invest some time here, reflecting on my photography.

We never stop our journey of exploration and growth. Furthermore, I know that by reflecting on my work here, I will undoubtedly grow my wisdom. Who knows, I may well have the desire to get back out exploring these wonderful places, camera in tow.

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