Life Comes Full Circle

Haunted Liverpool Gallery

The Haunted Liverpool gallery is a collection of images taken in Liverpool that are well known for having a few spooks. To read about the different ghost stories, please visit my journal. Alternatively, you may also click on the link within the gallery below.

Liverpool is an exciting and vibrant city with so many differing contrasts and cultures. I’m proud to have made Liverpool my home since 2013 when me and my husband setup home in the Georgian Quarter. These streets really do transport you back in time and I had the pleasure of living in Huskisson Street. Of course, I was surprised when finding out that Huskisson Street had a connection with a vampire from St. James Cemetery. Furthermore, this cemetery was at the bottom of my street!

Haunted Liverpool has many surprises to offer!

In 2022, we made a decision to venture to the outskirts of Liverpool where we are both extremely happy. There is a part of me that misses the Georgian streets with their atmospheric scenes. It’s no surprise that film crews love to shoot in those streets.

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