Life Comes Full Circle

Mysterious and Spiritual

Mysterious and spiritual places, whether they are landscapes or buildings, make great photography. This gallery showcases some of my favourite images from mainly the United Kingdom. From castles to ruins, there’s always a fairy-tale or ghost story to heighten our senses.

The first picture within the gallery above, is the rock cut graves from a place called the Barrows in Heysham. As a young girl, this was a place I would often visit on my own. Heysham is where I grew up and I miss not being next to the coast.

These graves sits high upon the rocky headland behind St. Peter’s Church in Heysham Village. In addition, I do have a lot of ancestors who are resting within the churchyard of St. Peter. It’s also the church that as a pupil of St. Peter’s School, I attended on special occasions.

Could it be that these rock cut graves sit on a ley line?

I ask this question purely because it is a place where I feel totally at one with myself.