The Beautiful Ruins of Moreton Corbet

The Beautiful Ruins of Moreton Corbet

Moreton Corbet Castle in Shropshire is a beautiful mansion in ruins, which is well worth photographing. Although, not creepy, I could definitely feel ghostly echoes of a romance here. Of course, I may be highly suggestible due to my love of Wuthering Heights. In addition, it is not hard to imagine what this place would be like in winter with the roar of the wind circulating it.

The Corbet family are responsible for building this 16th century, Elizabethan ruin. Indeed, the village of Moreton Corbet takes its name from the family.

So, let’s begin with a little history.

Robert Corbet was a favourite of England’s very own Queen Elizabeth the 1st. The classical architecture is an influence of his travels overseas due to his role as a diplomat. Sadly, although he began building this beautiful mansion, he died of the plague in 1583. Thankfully, his brothers, Vincent and Richard Corbet carried on with the build.

Ghostly Ruins of Moreton Corbet
Ghostly Ruins of Moreton Corbet

Sadly, the building fell into disuse during the 18th century. Today, the Corbet family still own the manor, however the English Heritage are responsible for managing it. Best of all, it is FREE to walk amongst these splendid ruins and furthermore, there is also a cellar that you can enter, if of course you dare to?

Are the Ruins of Moreton Corbet Haunted?

During the reign of King James I, persecuting Puritans was rife. What is a Puritan I hear you asking?

Definition of a puritan

a member of a group of English Protestants of the late 16th and 17th centuries who regarded the Reformation of the Church under Elizabeth I as incomplete and sought to simplify and regulate forms of worship.

Oxford Languages

Vincent Corbet, although not a Puritan, hated to see them treated harshly and offered his neighbour, Paul Holmyard protection by allowing him to live in the manor.

Unfortunately for Paul, Vincent was worrying when the troubles became more extreme. Vincent feared that he could no longer continue offering him protection. Therefore, he told Paul to leave.

Paul survived in the local woods for some time before making his way back to Moreton Corbet. Subsequently, when he saw Vincent Corbet, he cursed him and the Corbet family. Above all, his curse stated that no one shall live in the house again and furthermore, the building work will never be completed. Following the curse, Vincent and his son, Andrew Corbet left the mansion. The growing feelings of terror were too much for them.

The ruins of Moreton Corbet
The ruins of Moreton Corbet

Indeed, local legend tells of Holmyard’s ghost walking amongst these ruins. Some say that his ghost is responsible for no further work. Clearly, no further building work has began. Perhaps this is why the Corbet family chose to live elsewhere?

Contrary to any stories of ghosts haunting these ruins, I was in my element. In addition, I felt completely safe exploring the cellar on my own. Mind you, I suppose it was daylight. Although feeling safe, there was a moment when I was experiencing a strong sensation of someone, or something, watching me. Then, I turned around and saw Mark aiming his camera lens at me from a distance. I absolutely dislike anyone taking my photograph!

The graveyard and its ghosts

Moreton Corbet Graveyard
Moreton Corbet Graveyard

Last but not least, I came across an old and beautiful graveyard situated within the grounds. Here, you can again, sense the ghostly echoes of people who once lived, and probably worked here.

Moreton Corbet ruins is a great place for practicing the art of mindfulness. Undoubtedly, it is a place where you can get lost in your fantasies, but also, you can’t help, but be present. Indeed, the birds are plenty and the sounds of their chorus give you a sense of ease while your eyes fixate on the Gothic ruins.

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