Life Comes Full Circle

Graveyard Gallery

Amanda’s graveyard gallery features some of her favourite photography of all time. The graveyards she visits contain a balance of both life and death, sorrow and peace. Exploring Amanda’s photography also allows you to explore the delicate need to strive for balance of mind, body, and soul. Indeed, Amanda’s life has come full circle as she now concentrates on her spiritual journey to find her peace in a sometimes dark world.

Gallery of Graveyards

  • Slane Hill Abbey
  • Daresbury Graveyard
  • Memento Mori Headstone
  • Heysham Graves
  • Rock Cut Graves Heysham
  • Heysham Graves and Shadows
  • Twisted Heysham
  • Cemetery Hill
  • Photograph of St Andrews in Norton
  • Photograph of St Michaels Church in Cascob
  • Sunset over an Irish Graveyard
  • The Headstones
  • A photograph of St James Cemetery, Liverpool
  • Photograph of Manchester Road Cemetery in Warrington
  • Photograph of a monuments in a cemetery
  • Shadows in Kensall Green Cemetery
  • Church of St John Lee, Acomb, Northumberland
  • Rudston Monolith in Yorkshire

I quickly began learning the difference between a snapshot, and an emotive image. Thus I remember feeling deflated that my images didn’t express my fondness for that special graveyard in Heysham. Exploring my Shadows of Heysham will explain my experience in more detail.

Amanda Norman

Find out more about Amanda by visiting her About Amanda page. Alternatively, should you wish to meet her in person, she sells her photography and provides tarot readings from her Gemstone and Tarot shop in Liverpool.