Churches of Powys

Churches of Powys

Churches of Powys features a collection of my favourite photographs of churches from my recent trip to Wales.

Wales has always been a favourite place of mine to visit. Our latest trip is to a little place called Whitton in Powys.

Why there I hear you ask?

Well, our weekend break this time was down to availability of a cottage at short notice. Also, it needed to be at a good price. Luckily, we found the most quirkiest little cottage we’ve stayed in yet. Once booked, we sought out what was of interest near by to visit hence, the churches of Powys. 

Photograph of St Mary's Church in Pilleth
St Mary’s Church in Pilleth

The Churches of Powys

St Mary’s Church in Pilleth is approximately a 10 minute drive from Riverbank Cottage. Upon reading here, it dates from the 14th century and lies close to the Battle of Pilleth.

It is a beautiful medieval church that sits on the hillside overlooking the fields below. When me and Mark visited, Housemartins were nesting above the windows. Inside St Mary’s Church, the bell tower is my favourite place to be. When looking around for my next photograph, I couldn’t resist taking the image below.  It shows clearly the reflection of Mark’s head that gives it an eerie feeling. If you like visiting medieval churches, place St Mary’s Church on your list of churches to see in Powys.

Churches of Powys - St Mary's.
The Bell Tower Ghost – St Mary’s Church in Powys

St Andrews Church in Norton, Powys

Although not medieval, St Andrews Church in Norton, Powys has been rebuilt in the Victorian Gothic style. It must be noted that I adore Gothic architecture. I’m always finding that the pointy spires look great against a moody sky. Thus, St Andrews Church on the day of our visiting, most certainly didn’t disappoint me.

In addition, we met a lovely gentleman inside who told us about the work required to fix the plaster. Also, he began explaining how they are bringing the community into the church. Hence, by opening the doors the church can be used like a village hall.

Finally, the graveyard was beautiful with wildflowers gently swaying between the headstones. The backdrop of the sky was spectacular and in this photography, the clock tower is calling.

Photograph of St Andrews in Norton - Churches of Powys
St Andrews in Norton – Churches of Powys
Photograph of St Andrews Clock Tower
The Clock Tower of St. Andrews

St Michaels Church in Cascob – Churches of Powys

Photograph of St Michaels Church in Cascob - Churches of Powys
The Church of St Michaels in Cascob

St Michael’s Church in Cascob is well worth seeking out for it’s simple charm and beauty.

Reaching St Michael’s Church, which is approximately 5 miles to the south-west of Knighton, is an adventure. We began travelling down a long quiet road, passing a farm that can be seen from the car. Once there, you will see the most amazing Yew Tree, which is reportedly 2000 years old. However, it is the beauty of this place and the solitude that I was enjoying. When leaving and travelling back down the isolated road, I thought about who would have used the church centuries ago. Obviously it would have been farmers, but how many miles would they have travelled for and how?

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