Vampires from the UK

Vampires from the UK

Vampires from the UK is my collection of fascinating and supposedly true accounts of British vampires. Who knew that there were so many from the British Isles?

Vampires from the UK
Vampires from the UK

Vampires from the UK

Let’s begin by introducing you to some of the most fascinating vampires from the UK. Over time, I will be building upon these wonderful tales here. Therefore, if you have any tales to share, please get in touch. I have provided further reference below each case.

The Vampire of Alnwick Castle – (Northumberland)

This incident dating back to the 12th century is one of my favourite vampires from the UK. The English chronicler William of Newburgh is responsible for recording it.

One night while spying on his adulterous wife, the former ‘Lord of the Estate‘ slipped from the roof. Unfortunately, he did not survive. Following a Christian burial, reports began circulating that the previous Lord has risen from his grave. These reports were coinciding with the spread of a nasty plague. Of course, his victims were suffering from this deadly disease. However, in those days due to a lack of knowledge, they presumed that he was now a vampire.

The once populated town was now nearly empty and some of the remaining villagers decided to take a stance. They dug up the vampire from his shallow grave within the cemetery to find the decomposing body. They pierced the bloated body and blood poured everywhere. Subsequently, the villagers began believing that indeed, he is a vampire. Terrified, they burned the body and by co-incidence, the plague and deaths stopped.
(Reference – The Vampire Encyclopedia by Matthew Bunson)

The Vampire of Berwick

Thanks to William of Newburgh who once again records the case of the wandering un-dead in the town of Berwick.

This tale is very similar to the Vampire of Alnwick Castle. It begins with an evil man dying and soon after burial, people witness him walking amongst the living. The townsfolk fearing the onset of a plague, dig up the dead man and cut his body to pieces.
(Reference – The Vampire Encyclopedia by Matthew Bunson)

Buckinghamshire Vampires of the UK

Again recorded by William of Newburgh and reported to have happened in 1196.

I absolutely adore this supposedly true account of a vampire being pathetic and weak. You kind of want to feel sorry for him don’t you?

Due to his weakness, this vampire tries to abuse his wife and family and gets absolutely nowhere. Subsequently, he then abuses nearby animals. More importantly, it is during daylight hours that villagers are witnessing this. Following these reports, the local bishop places an absolution on the corpse instead of burning it.

Vampire of Croglin Grange – Cumbria

Many years ago, Croglin Lower Hall, in Cumbria was inhabited by two brothers and their sister Amelia. (In some versions she is Anne).

Gothic Window
Gothic Window

One night as Amelia is preparing to sleep she is aware of a sensation of someone watching her. She glances through her window and sees a pair of evil eyes glittering from the darkness of some trees. To begin with, she puts it down to her imagination. However, when she looks again, she sees a grisly figure making its way across the lawn to her. Transfixed with fear, she watches it pressing up against her window. It begins picking away the lead with its bony finger.

Too afraid to scream, she sees how hideous this vampire is with its shrivelled flesh and huge malevolent eyes.

It begins lifting the latch on her window and siezes the girl by her hair. While sinking its teeth into her throat, she now screams and the vampire flees. Unfortunately, it vanishes by the time her brothers arrive to save her.

Some nights later, Amelia awakens to a familiar scratching at the window, and sure enough the Vampire has returned. Her shrieks bring the brothers back into her room in time to see the direction in which the creature flees.

They track it to the local cemetery. They mark the tomb and return at daylight, whereupon they open the grave and burn the vampire to ashes.
(Reference – Vampire Forum by DestinyDefiled)

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William of Newburgh records yet another tale of vampire hysteria in the UK.

The Hundeprest Vampire of Melrose Abbey

When living, this vampire was the chaplain to a lady of high rank. His nickname was Hundeprest which meant Dog Priest due to his horse hunting activities.

Vampire of Melrose Abbey

Shortly after his death, people begin witnessing him trying to gain entry into Melrose Abbey.

One night however, he appears at the bed of his former employee shrieking and moaning. She summons a senior member of Melrose Abbey who proceeds to hunt down the vampire. From his post, he watches this vampire rise from its grave and manages to ward off the vampires attacks. The following morning, they open the vampires coffin to reveal a corpse covered in black blood. They take the vampire outside the grounds of the abbey and burn it.

Vampires of the UK from Liverpool

I am also aware of another vampire in Liverpool who haunts Huskisson Street. It supposedly rests in St James Gardens and you can read more in my post titled, The Ghosts of Huskisson Street. In addition, there are also accounts of another vampire from Smithdown Road cemetery in Liverpool. When I have further information, I shall include them here.