The Ghosts of Huskisson Street

The Ghosts of Huskisson Street

Huskisson Street has many ghostly tales and you will find it within the Georgian Quarter of Liverpool.

When walking down this terraced street, you will easily find yourself being transported back in time. In the snow, it is like a Victorian wonderland. Summertime is also wonderful. This is especially so when the sun is setting. It is simply magical when witnessing the last of its orange glow mingling beautifully with the many red bricks. No wonder many film and TV companies are using it for productions like Peaky Blinders and Victoria. Thankfully, I enjoy living here and NOT seeing any ghosts.

This street is named after the MP, William Huskisson. Unfortunately, he lost his life when he was hit by George Stephenson’s, locomotive, Rocket. He is widely reported as the first passenger to be killed on the Railway.

But, you are here to find out about the ghosts of Huskisson Street, therefore I will continue.

The Ghosts of Huskisson Street in Liverpool

Tom Slemen continues inspiring my research. He claims the following: –

Sometimes on Huskisson Street, you can hear the sounds of swords clashing for the love of a woman. I am yet to hear this, but if you want to find out more, please read his story Ghostly Duellists.

The Ghost of Huskisson Street
The Ghost of Huskisson Street

The image above features my ever patient partner, Mark who posed for this shot in our back garden on Huskisson Street. My inspiration comes from many of the ghostly tales of Huskisson Street. But of course, my love of Gothic horror continues to inspire me too.

As a teenager, memories of my friend telling me of Old Red Eye are still prominent. Although nothing to do with this street, I can easily imagine a night watchman walking down the street hence Mark and his pose above. You can read about that at the bottom of this post, but allow me to get back to the ghosts of Huskisson Street.

Ghost of the Rose Girl

If walking down this street and you see a wreath of pink roses upon a gate, know that this is a sign of pregnancy. There are accounts of people witnessing a ghost of a young Victorian girl carrying the wreath.

Thankfully, we don’t have a garden gate!

Vampire of Huskisson Street

Talking of roses, there is also a ghostly tale of a vampire leaving a black rose on the doorstep of a lady. This vampire followed the female home from St James Cemetery. As you may or may not know, I love anything to do with vampires so, I find this truly fascinating.

Although I doubt very much to find a pink rose, a black rose is more likely to happen to me. I love visiting St James Cemetery, especially at dusk. I love watching the bats fluttering around the trees. Hopefully, I won’t be attracting Mr Fangdango!

If you have any more ghostly tales about Huskisson Street, please get in touch!

The Night Watchman or Old Red Eye

Many moons ago, my friend would take great delight in telling me ghost stories. Especially, the true ones! One such tale features Old Red Eye who was a watchman.

‘If you wake up to a ticking noise, the sound that resembles a pocket watch, don’t open your eyes. For if you do and look into the red eyes of the Night Watchman, you won’t wake up’

According to my friend, Old Red Eye was murdered on his rounds of where I was living at the time.

Of course it is no surpise that one night, I woke up to a ticking noise and spent many minutes not daring to open my eyes.

The Night Watchman
The Night Watchman