The Pyramid Tomb and its Ghost

The Pyramid Tomb and its Ghost

The pyramid tomb of William Mackenzie is clearly distinguishable from the old graves surrounding it. If you like reading ghostly tales or visiting haunted locations, Rodney Street is a must!

The Pyramid Tomb of William Mackenzie
Rodney Street Ghost in Haunted Liverpool

Situated on Rodney Street in the centre of Liverpool, is an old graveyard. Since it is set back amongst the row of Georgian houses, you can easily miss it. Above all though, once seen, it is never forgotten.

Firstly, it is the sight that captures your imagination, but then, your gaze sets upon the pyramid tomb. It is unlike anything you have seen previously. Also, it would not be surprising if you feel a chill running down the back of your neck.

The Pyramid Tomb of William MacKenzie

Of course it is an odd site, but it is well worth visiting, especially on a foggy night if you like to be daring. Furthermore, be weary if visiting alone. The ghost of William Mackenzie maybe heading your way, especially if you hear footsteps, but see no one approaching.

So, let me tell you about the legend of William MacKenzie and his pyramid tomb.

William MacKenzie was a staunch atheist who regularly enjoyed a game of poker. One night however, legend says that he was playing with the Devil himself. MacKenzie thought nothing about the prize being his mortal soul, should he lose. Of course, he unfortunately lost his game and he began having doubts about the victor. If indeed he is The Devil, he will cash in following his death and therefore claim his soul. MacKenzie came up with a solution to prevent this from happening.

He left instruction following his death to be seated at a poker table hence, the pyramid tomb. In his hand he will be holding a winning poker hand therefore, never losing.

I wonder if he did indeed, cheat the Devil out of claiming his soul?

MacKenzie’s Ghost on Rodney Street

Perhaps he was successful as there are many reports of his ghostly figure walking down Rodney Street.

His grave or pyramid tomb lies behind wrought iron railings. Whether or not it is true, at night there is a feeling of anticipation when looking at it.

No one tells the story of William MacKenzie as well as Tom Slemen. Visiting his website and reading his Haunted Liverpool books is a must. This is especially so if you enjoy visiting Liverpool.

Finally, Tom’s books are such an inspiration that I enjoy visiting the haunted locations he writes about. By clicking on Haunted Liverpool, you can find more of my work. Who knows, I might inspire you to visit them too?

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