Vampire Exorcism

Vampire Exorcism

Vampire Exorcism is most certainly a test of faith for a priest who is putting to rest, a beautiful vampire. Therefore, what you are about to see in my opinion, is truly breathtaking.

In this scene from the Russian movie titled Evil or Vedma, we are witnessing a vampire exorcism. It is a must-watch for anyone who loves vampire stories. The director is Oleg Fesenko and the film is dated 2006. Hopefully soon I will get the chance to watch this film in full. However, for now I’m very happy watching this vampire exorcism over, and over again.

Ivan, a cynical journalist, is assigned to investigate mysterious events in a small town. During his first night, he is seduced by a strange and mysterious girl. As they embrace, she transforms into a hideous demon. Ivan fights the creature, managing to strangle it. But it is too late, Evil has been unleashed. When Ivan is charged for the brutal murder, he feels his last hope disappear. As he is overcome by the dark forces trying to pose as his soul, Ivan comes to realize that his only hope lies in his power to find the faith that he once lost.

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Firstly, the Gothic scenery is captivating with lots of eerie shadows and lit candles. Set in a church, it is quite interesting to see the coffin there. The Gothic feel of it and how this female vampire floats most certainly sets the scene. It’s simply stunning!

Of course, I find this vampire to be beautiful and haunting. I especially adore the fact that without seeing this film in full, you know that she’s testing this priest’s faith. Can he keep his shield of fire up to protect his as she tries to gain entry?

The musical score most certainly adds the build-up of anticipation here. It reminds me of the good old days of Gothic horror when music was just as important as the acting, and everything else. Nox Arcana are responsible for creating this wonderful haunting music. Their inspiration is classic Gothic horror.

Vampire Exorcism from the film Evil

Nox Arcana

The music titled Night of the Wolf is by ‘Nox Arcana’ and I’ve only just come across this band and I’m really enjoying their music. You can find out more about ‘Nox Arcana’ by clicking here.

Nox Arcana can be roughly translated to ‘mysteries of the night‘ and their music certainly gets your heart beating in anticipation.