Hardwick Old Hall and its Ghosts

Hardwick Old Hall and its Ghosts

The ruins of Hardwick Old Hall in Derbyshire are hauntingly beautiful, especially if you enjoy your Gothic romance. Hopefully, you will agree that my photographs show its haunting beauty.

Ghostly Ruins of Hardwick Old Hall
Ghostly Ruins of Hardwick Old Hall

Of course, I cannot visit a place without wondering what ghosts are lurking within the shadows. Therefore, my quest begins.

Ghosts of Hardwick Old Hall

Following my research into the hauntings of Hardwick Old Hall, I offer the following ghostly encounters: –

  • A Ghostly Monk is haunting the grounds. A couple were driving through Hardwick Park in the evening and both witnessed a ghostly monk with a brilliant white face. In addition, other accounts also tell of other people spotting the same monk within days of their account. Additional reference is here at Mysterious Britain.
  • Within both halls, people witness a ghostly woman in blue. In addition, there is a ghost of a white cat and a ghost wearing a ruff collar with a plumed hat. Additional reference is here at Strange North-East Derbyshire
  • The Ghost of Thomas Hobbes – Thomas Hobbes was a philosopher, mathematician, and writer who was once working as a tutor in the hall. His eternal wish was for his body to be interred within the grounds. Unfortunately for him, this wasn’t the case and now his spirit haunts the grounds. Additional images from Karen Lee are worth seeing here.


In 1587, Bess of Hardwick begins building Hardwick Old Hall, which is a beautiful and haunting example of a grand house from the Tudor period. If you visit it today, you can still see excellent examples of plaster ornament on the walls.

Following Queen Elizabeth the 1st, Bess was the richest and most influential woman in Elizabethan society. She’s also notorious for her four marriages and ties to Chatsworth. Additional information is available on the English Heritage site.

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