Ghosts in Cemeteries

Ghosts in Cemeteries

Ghosts in cemeteries, have you seen any?

A lot of people ask me if I see any ghosts while taking photographs in cemeteries. Well to begin with, I have had a couple of odd experiences, but I am very sceptical.

Photograph of Manchester Road Cemetery in Warrington
Tree framed view of a cemetery

My account of Ghosts in Cemeteries

So, let me begin with the time I was visiting Manchester Road Cemetery in Warrington. I remember sensing a very strong feeling that I was being watched. I began scanning the scene of dark headstones with some leaning at precarious angles about to fall. Thus, I began feeling a strong sensation of someone looking back at me. My visibility was good however, I was having trouble finding a person.

Also, it must be noted that the only sounds that broke the deathly silence, were the twittering of hidden birds. Of course this was adding to my feelings of apprehension while standing there alone. Could it be my over active imagination playing tricks on me?

Due to creeping myself out, I quickly began walking away and of course I returned home safely.

Ghosts in cemeteries
Ghosts in Cemeteries Warrington

I began feeling a presence

However, a few months later, I returned and suddenly, the strong feeling of being watched returned. This time though, I remember sensing a feeling of urgency.  At the time, I was standing on the main path, which leads up to the little chapel. Suddenly, I began feeling a presence behind me, so I quickly turned around.

To my surprise, I can begin describing what seemed to be a heat shimmer moving quickly past me. It was heading towards the chapel.  Moreover, I was feeling no fear and I haven’t experienced anything like that since. Like I said earlier, I do hold an over active imagination however, it was most certainly odd.

Now adays, I am sensing ghosts in cemeteries. I see shadow figures out of the corner of my eyes and when turning my head, there is nothing there. Of course, I am not on my own with experiencing this phenomena. Also, I am not feeling fearful when seeing these things. Finally, it doesn’t happen that often. Perhaps, they are my guides offering protection hence, not feeling scared?

St James Cemetery in Liverpool

A photograph of St James Cemetery, Liverpool
Liverpool’s, St James Cemetery

St James cemetery lies in a sunken sandstone quarry containing the graves of 57,000 Victorians and Edwardians. Furthermore, it is over shadowed by Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral. Most of the headstones have been taken up and placed around the perimeter. Also, the sandstone walls with their old etchings and graffiti add to a sense of unease. If you want to feel the presence of ghosts in cemeteries, visit St James.

So, I have never been able to shake off an uneasy feeling each time I’ve visit this cemetery. Also, and to my amazement, I am now living within a five minute walk of it on Huskisson Street.

Photograph of the cemetery tunnel that leads into St James Cemetery in Liverpool
Photograph of the cemetery tunnel that leads into St James Cemetery in Liverpool

Within this cemetery, you will find walled tombs and archways that were once the gateway in. On some of the remaining headstones at one end of the cemetery, you will find Masonic symbols. There is also an empty area that features a locked gate. Why?

Lost Boys graffiti in St James Cemetery
Lost Boys graffiti in St James Cemetery

Finding the lost boys graffiti above is a real treat of mine. It most certainly adds to the eeriness of this place.

Ghosts in Cemeteries – MP Huskisson of St. James in Liverpool

Many believe that the ghost of William Huskisson, MP is haunting this St. James cemetery. Thus, people are claiming to hear his footsteps next to his mausoleum pictured below. Indeed, some people also claim to have witnessed his limping spectre dressed in a top hat and long cape. Following his accident with George Stephenson’s, Rocket locomotive, he has been lying in rest since 1830.

Photograph of Huskisson's memorial taken at night. Huskisson is one of many ghosts in cemeteries
Huskisson’s memorial in St James Cemetery

Cemetery Ghosts

I highly recommend you reading Tom Slemen’s book, Liverpool Ghost Walk.

There are a number of ghostly tales about the dead of this cemetery. Furthermore, there is insight into the possible origins of the old etchings or graffiti that I told you about earlier. However, there is one particular tale of a child’s corpse with red hair that conjures up disturbing images. She was found sitting upright in her coffin. It is believed that robbers broke into the walled tombs and disturbed her corpse. For further information and to purchase his books, please visit his website.

In this same book, he mentions that the site of St James Cemetery was once revered by Wiccans. Furthermore, it has a dark association with a legendary Lancashire witch named Jenna Green, later known as Ginny Greenteeth. She was cast out of her coven for some unknown reason. Following this event, she prowls the river banks and streams. Moreover, there is a subterranean stream beneath this cemetery.

Perhaps it is because I enjoy reading Tom’s book that I feel uneasy when visiting this cemetery. There are apparently, many ghosts in this cemetery. I do however seriously recommend reading his book.

If you enjoy St. James Cemetery, additional photographs are waiting for you in St James Cemetery at Night.

Ghosts in Cemeteries Caught on Camera?

Ghosts of cemeteries caught on camera
Could these be ghosts looking at the camera?

Many years ago when I first began to enjoy taking photographs of graves and tombs, I took this snapshot. It shows a tomb in the grounds of St Elphin’s Parish in Warrington. You can see clearly what appears to be two male heads peering over the grave at the camera. Upon closer inspection, it is just the markings on the tomb with a tall weed. It makes it appear that they are ghosts. But what you do you think?