Live life for today

I love the art of Memento Mori in old graveyards and paintings from long ago, but right now, I’m thinking of how relevant the message behind this imagery is, especially with the Coronavirus outbreak.

Memento Mori Skull and Crossbones
Memento Mori Skull and Crossbones

The message behind the common symbols of Memento Mori is to remember to live life for today as death could arrive within the hour and that we must all prepare for a good death. The latter part of the message is religious and refers to the Day of Judgement.

Of course we have advanced with medicine and knowledge of infections and contagious diseases, but it does strike me now that I’m in self-isolation, that my own happiness is what’s valuable to me.

Many of us are realising that money and wealth isn’t important. The supermarkets are struggling to stock their shelves due to the greedy demands of those in society who are selfish and don’t give a toss about those who can’t panic buy. Toilet roll is apparently a commodity that one strives for now, not money and before any smart ass tells me you need money to buy it, well true enough, but all the money in the world won’t buy you something that’s not there and yes, there is a tone of sarcasm!

You can’t go out freely and spend your money as the business’s have closed, many have lost their income already and others are at risk of losing it income so therefore, what does money matter?

This brings me back to another message of those Memento Mori symbols, which is, we are all the same in death, no matter what our status is in life.

A depiction of a corpse in a shroud being eaten by worms on a grave
We are all the same in death, no matter what our status is in life

Comes full circle does it not?

I’ve wrote numerous times about my personal transformation, how I suffered anxiety and I’m now managing it a lot better thanks to my study of holistic therapies such as Reiki and gemstone healing, all of which can be seen at my other website Gemstone Healing.

Of course my photography has taken a bit of a backseat during the last couple of years, but I still love to get out there, when I can of course!

It comes full circle for me as I now realise that back in the 14th to 18th centuries, they did appreciate life, unlike many of us who look outwards for happiness instead of within. People were a lot more creative than we are these days, which is an important factor in managing your stress levels.

How do you express your creativity?

Many people get lost in social media and the media, absorbing the NEGATIVITY, and until you realise what you’re doing, you will never be happy.

You need to have gratitude for life giving resources that are freely available and you need to live life for today instead of worrying about something that might not happen, or something that did happen that you can’t go back and change. Be in the present moment and live!

Please do get in touch if you want to chat about this or visit my other website Gemstone Healing for information on how you can manage your mental health and well-being.

As soon as lock down is lifted, I will be back out there with my camera. For now though, I need to prepare myself to channel reiki for my partner who has decided to give up smoking. Yes, I must remain positive! 😉

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