MacKenzie Pyramid

Have you ever visited Liverpool’s Rodney Street and marveled at the pyramid tomb set amongst a few old graves over shadowed by tall Georgian houses?

Rodney Street in Liverpool is home to the ghost of William Mackenzie
Rodney Street Ghost in Haunted Liverpool

Haunted Liverpool

It’s an odd site and it’s on the very outskirts of Liverpool’s city centre and it is well worth a visit, but be weary if alone on a foggy night, because if you hear footsteps, you may very well see William Mackenzie’s ghost heading your way.

No one tells the story of William MacKenzie as well as Tom Slemen and I urge you to visit his website and get acquainted with his Haunted Liverpool books.

Tom’s books are such an inspiration that I often visit the haunted locations he writes about to capture the spirit of his ghostly tales.  Click here to visit Tom Slemen’s website.

Legend has it that a disgruntled MacKenzie, sold his soul to the Devil playing poker, but to cheat the Devil out of his soul, he gave orders that he should be buried above ground, sat at a table with a winning poker hand.  Some people claim to have seen his Victorian clad ghost on Rodney Street.  It’s such a fascinating story to read and I’ll leave it up to you if you think it’s true or not.

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