Most Memorable Vampires

Not all vampires from TV and the movies have to be scary to be memorable. By now, regular followers should know that my most scariest vampire of all time is the one and only Mr Barlow from Stephen King’s, Salem’s Lot (1979). Read my other post about ‘Scariest Vampire of All Time’ if you can’t get enough of Mr Barlow.

Below you will find my most memorable vampires and my reasons on why they shouldn’t be forgotten.

You’ll Enjoy Mr Barlow and He Will Enjoy You

Mr Barlow of Salem's Lot
Mr Barlow of Salem’s Lot

How bloody terrifying is this vampire from Salem’s Lot (1979)?

I remember this being on the TV when I was young in two parts. After watching the first part with my mum and younger sisters, I cried my eyes out as none of them would let me get in their bed with them. Yes I know what you’re thinking, how old was I at the time? I must have been about 11 or 12yrs old. The funny thing is, I begged and promised that the following night that I would be OK watching it, but I did it again. I couldn’t help it!

Everything about Mr Barlow was purely terrifying and that’s what vampires should be.

‘One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach…all the damn vampires’

Keifer Sutherland as David in Lost Boys
Keifer Sutherland as David in Lost Boys

If you haven’t seen Lost Boys (1987), you should do as it is a cult classic and a favourite vampire flick of many.

The Lost Boys

Keifer Sutherland plays David, a leader of a local gang of vampires who hide out in a sunken hotel during the day and rise to terrorise the people of Santa Carla at night.

Although not a vampire oozing sex appeal, he is very good looking and his character is very strong. He’s not a vampire you would like to come face to face with.

Did you know that in the 2004 mini series of Salem’s Lot starring Rob Lowe that Keifer’s dad, Donald Sutherland played James Mason’s role of Mr Straker? Although it was a good performance, it was no where near as good as the original Salem’s Lot and they shouldn’t have bothered doing a remake.  The late Rutger Hauer played Mr Barlow and he wasn’t even scary looking.

Scary in Real Life Let Alone As A Vamp!

Grace Jones in Vamp
Grace Jones in Vamp

Grace Jones played Katrina in the 1986 movie Vamp.

This movie is a comedy, but at the age of 15 when it was released, I wasn’t laughing at the introduction of Katrina.  There’s just something about this woman that not necessarily terrifies me, but scares me.  In fact, Grace Jones strip tease is totally mesmerising and can’t be forgotten.

More vampires to come including those that make you drool, but who are your most memorable vampires?

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