Tree of Souls

The tree of souls meditation is my personal journal of thoughts and feelings following my latest happy place meditation.

I’ve always been drawn to this tree on my visits back to Heysham, and I’ve often wondered why. I now believe that I’ve found my answer, which I’ve found fascinating.

Tree of Souls Heysham
This is Amanda Norman’s tree of souls from Heysham

The tree of souls draws me in

This tree is very old and stands strong, casting its shadow and arms over the graves beneath. The images below, are more recent and were taken in 2020, when we could escape our homes mid pandemic.

Tree of Souls Heysham
Tree of Souls Heysham

My ancestral roots

My ancestral roots are in Heysham Village and it’s where my Blacow family are buried and I love returning here when I need to get a sense of myself.

I write about it often in my journals because it allows me to make sense of my current state of mental health, which is good by the way.

The smell and feel of the sea breeze reminds me of a time when I felt at one with the world and safe.

If you would like to find out more about my anxiety and what I’ve learned so far, please visit my Shadows of Heysham journal.

Meditation and the Law of Attraction

Meditation is a form of healing and I’ve recently trained to become a meditation teacher. I’m putting what I’ve learned to good use by developing my happy place meditation due to the numerous benefits. I can’t wait to guide others through it and if you would like one, please get in touch.

Not only is meditation a form of healing, it also allows you to FEEL positive as this is an important aspect of manifesting your dreams. When we act and feel positive, we attract good things into our lives.

Tree of souls and meditation

During my latest happy place meditation, I am walking through the graveyard and I can’t go any further than the tree of souls.

I’m drawn to it as I look up high into its amazing umbrella of branches. I feel like hugging the tree as I instinctively know that it will give me comfort and stability. I can now see why people hug trees, but why does this tree draw me in?

Slowly I start thinking about the roots of this tree that have been growing out for hundreds of years. How far do they stretch unseen and how many bodies have fed and nurtured it?

It’s now that I realise that the bodies of my Blacow ancestors may have nourished this tree. Is this the reason that I’m drawn to it?

Healing of my root chakra

My journey becomes more fascinating as I realise that this meditation is turning out to be a root chakra healing meditation.

I now feel strong and stable like the tree. I also feel grounded and in a state of awe, but I do believe that there’s more for me to learn.

Who’s buried near the tree of souls?

As a child, my grandad told me that I was a descendant of a Pendle Hill witch. My lovely Mark has been working on my family tree to see if this is true, but to no avail.

My grandad who told me this isn’t a Blacow. He’s a Cooper and is no longer with us so I can’t ask him questions. I suppose he could have been referring to the Cooper side of the family.

The Blacow’s history is one of mainly farming and buried in the grave near to the tree of souls, is Polly Blacow’s grandad.

Meet Polly Blacow

Polly Blacow, a Mussel Gatherer of Heysham
Polly Blacow, a Mussel Gatherer of Heysham

My great, great aunt Polly Blacow is pictured above and it’s thanks to Heysham Heritage and Katherine Gregson that I’ve learned so much about her.

She was one of the last mussel gatherer’s of Heysham and thankfully that’s one trait that I haven’t inherited. You wouldn’t catch me eating them.

After writing about Polly, my thoughts are that during her life she was not recognised for her achievements in her very hard working life, but now through this knowledge, everyone will understand for future years ahead what life was like for a person like Polly

K. Gregson November 2010

I hope that you visit Heysham sometime and get to stand in the churchyard to experience the beauty of this place. I also hope that you’re inspired to take up meditation as it’s a wonderful method of healing.

Dreams of Heysham

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